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Practical information

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The numbers beginning with 08 are called green numbers, and are free from France, and not necessarily accessible from abroad.
As coin-operated public telephones are disappearing, phone cards are essential. They are on sale at post offices or in tobacconists ("bureaux de Tabac") and at newsagents and cost 6,10 € for 50 units or 14,64 € for 120 units.
For cell phones, "France Télécom" cards are on sale in France Télécom shops.

A Telephone interpreter allows two people speaking different languages to talk by telephone through an interpreter. There are 72 languages with a maximum delay of 24h for unusual languages. Cost: 5 € to 7 € (depending on the language requested) + tax/minute + cost of the international call.

From France phone free 0 800 25 76 90
From abroad + 33 1 43 90 48 99

Telephone charges:
Telephone charges are constantly changing, differ according to the distance (local, provincial, EEC, other countries), and, since the liberalization of the telecommunications sector in Europe, vary greatly depending on the operator.

For your guidance below are some of France Télécom's prices for the first half of 2000 (the former state monopoly still enjoys a dominant position in the sector).

We would like to apologize for the lack of detail in this information, and recommend that you check the up-to-date charges in telephone booths and post offices.



Local call


Full charge

Outside reduced charge times

0,018 €/min including tax

0,12 € including tax / min

Reduced charge

Mon to Fri from 19h to 8h
Sat: from 12h
Sun and hols : 0h to 24h

0,033 €/min including tax 3 min

0,23 € including tax / min

Watch out! Telephone charges are increased in hotels and the catering trade in general (cafés and restaurants).

Télécartes (phone cards)
50 (6,10 €) and 120 units (14,64 €) for use in phone booths.

Various sales outlets: France Télécom agencies, post offices, tobacconists ("bureaux de tabac"), SNCF and RATP ticket offices.