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Legal advice

For visitors from the E.E.C., by telephone from France: 01 43 29 33 00

Foreigners who wish to visit France must undergo certain administrative formalities. The conditions for entry and length of stay vary depending on the country of origin of the individuals who wish to visit France.

Citizens of the European Union, from the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Norway do not need a visa, and can stay for ninety days. Citizens of all other countries must apply for a visa in the French Consulate of their country of residence.

Citizens of the European Union are entitled to stay in France but must apply for "la carte de séjour de ressortissant de l'UE" (a residence permit) if they wish to stay for longer than three months. This is obtained from the police station, the town hall or the "préfecture"; it is valid for 5 years.

Non-European Union citizens:
The citizens of countries with which France has not signed an agreement must possess certain documents on entering French territory.

Visas are issued by the French diplomatic authorities or consulates in the country of origin of the applicant. They have the power to refuse to issue this visa. Foreigners who have legally entered one of the States which have signed the Schengen agreements can freely enter the other signatory States. There are two kinds of visa, the short stay visa which is valid for 3 months and the long stay visa when the applicant wants to stay for longer than 3 months and if they wish to obtain a residence permit.

For further information: http://www.france.diplomatie.fr/index.html