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To call abroad from France:
  • Dial 00 (international access code).
  • Dial the country code. If you do not know this code, you will find it in some telephone booths or in the directories (post offices, bars with telephone service).
  • Dial the corresponding number. If this is preceded by a 0, in general you should not dial it.
To call France from abroad:
After the international access code (the key +, or access No., generally 00), dial 33 for France, then the 9 last digits of the corresponding number (do not dial the initial 0). For example, if the No. of your hotel is 01-22-22-22-22, your friends or your family abroad should dial: + or « international access code », 33-1-22-22-22-22.

Mobile/portable/cell/GSM phone
Depending on your mobile phone system, and on whether the « ROAMING » service has been activated, you can use your mobile phone in France.
You will be automatically and randomly connected to one of the French operators, depending on where you are.

In general, you pay the international part when you are called from home.
You can dial the French 10-digit numbers directly, but to call another country you need to dial + or 00 and the country code.

A useful tip: if you travel abroad a lot, it is practical to keep all the telephone numbers on your telephone directory as if you were dialling an international number, that is preceded by + (country code), and eliminating the 0 if the number starts with 0. For example, +49 XXXXXX for a number in Germany, +34 XXXXX for a number in Spain, +33-1-XX-XX-XX for a number in Paris. The operator will distinguish whether or not the call is international and will bill you correctly. And you won't need to worry about how to dial the Nos. that you have in the memory.